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"Marathon of desires"

  • Online
  • The launch - on January 23
  • Duration - 5 days
A 5-day marathon, after which every woman will reveal their inner power to fulfill any cherished desires!

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    "Marathon of desires"

    is the transition from expectations to reality! Take a step towards a NEW REALITY in 2023!

    I’m sure these thoughts have swirled around in your mind:

    - why doesn’t the most cherished desire come true?

    - why do some people get all worldly blessings, and I get nothing?

    - why aren’t expectations met, and why is a desire to dream lost?

    - big dreams and goals are not for me

    Experience the power given to you by nature!
    Open your inner power to fulfill your cherished desires!

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    and fulfill your desires will get fulfilled exactly how you want!

      "Marathon of desires" - 5 steps on the way to your dreams

      5 days of an incredible practical work

      5 days of deep practice for unlocking your inner power

      • Day 1. January 23
        desires fulfillment
      • Day 2. January 24
        the manifestation
        and rituals
      • Day 3. January 25
        The demonstration
        and the practice
      • Day 4. January 26
        The manifestation
        and the intent
      • Day 5. January 27
        The secret practice and the power of collective energy
      January 23
      Day 1
      The desires fulfillment principles. What is manifestation?
      You will learn:
      - what is manifestation
      - how does a desires fulfillment principle work
      - how to make a wish so that it will be fulfilled
      Practice: THE AFFIRMENTATION block on fulfillment of desires on any topic
      Outline of the lesson
      January 24
      Day 2
      The manifestation and rituals.
      You will learn:
      - why do rituals strengthen the fulfillment of desires, and how does it happen?
      - how to properly perform rituals to direct all the power to fulfill desires?
      Practice: the meditation on revealing the women’s power
      Outline of the lesson
      January 25
      Day 3
      The Demonstration. The Practice.
      You will learn:
      - How does a wish board work? How to do a wish board correctly.

      Each of you will make your own wish board according to the method of Zhannabelle!
      Picture reference - the booklet for the wish board
      Outline of the lesson
      January 26
      Day 4
      The Manifestation. The Intent.
      You will learn:
      - the most advanced desires fulfillment techniques
      Practice: the meditation on fulfillment of desires
      Outline of the lesson
      January 27
      Day 5
      The Secret practice. The power of collective energy.
      You will learn:
      - how does the environment affect your energy and desires fulfillment
      Follow the secret practice of activating a desire board
      Get a unique invitation to a mysterious ritual that takes place only once a year
      Zhannabelle -
      an international women’s coach
      • She has been helping people for over 15 years. She is a speaker in 12 countries. Zhannabelle’s trainings have been translated into 6 languages
      • Zhannabelle is the author of the international bestseller "Love and Laugh", life designer, joy painter.
      • She is a motivational speaker for women of all countries and nationalities.
      • Zhannabelle is a doctor for healing love and life traumas.
      • Zhnnabelle works with all spirits of traumas inherited from your ancestors.
      • Zhannabelle is the leader of WOMEN’S POWER ACTIVATION ceremony in more than 300 cities
      • She has a supernatural ability to enchant and conveys a positive atmosphere with her gaze that fills you with health, love and abundance.
      More than 200,000 women have attended the events of Zhannabelle.
      Zhannabelle has received more than 8000 enthusiastic gratitudes from happy people

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      and you will learn how to control your state of fulfilling your most cherished desire!

        I’ll be glad to see all of you! We are not just women. We have the power within us to fulfill all our most cherished desires!
        Write to me, ask questions. I will be glad to hear your opinion.